Tuesday Tech Tip, July 8, 2014 Print
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 08:47


Are you spending more than you should?


Most businesses react to their IT needs, waiting for something to happen, then reacting to the situation.  New employee hired?  Get a new computer.  Printer is shot?  Get another printer.  New line of business software purchased?  Expand the hardware.  And so it goes…

A much more realistic approach, which saves money overall, is to be proactive.  Gather a qualified team that knows your operations and pair them off with an IT person.  Meet once a quarter and discuss the changes to your operations and how they can impact your infrastructure.  The goal of the team is to analyze what employees actually need.  It will keep you from repeat purchases that the business may not need, and it will encourage innovative thinking which could result in dollars saved down the road.

As a client, you have an Account Executive that can also sit in and give the team suggestions based on their experiences with other company solutions.  Invite us in and let’s implement strategic and proactive solutions that result in savings.