Put 30 Minutes Back in Your Day with PRONETS Spam Filter Print
Thursday, 17 May 2012 08:18

That's Right! Put 30 minutes or more back into your day with our terrific spam filter. Recently, Bill Gilmer from Wordsprint in Wytheville, VA said about our spam filter

"I'm impressed. SO much better than before, it's gained me 30 minutes a day..."

We're also using the spam filter here at PRONETS and it's saving all of us a LOT of valuable time each day.

What are the Benefits of Having a Managed Anti-Spam?

Reduced Operating Cost: A security incident can paralyze your business. Preventing malicious email from reaching your network protects business integrity, increases productivity with less email traffic and provides a fast return on investment. Removing this risk will save you money!

Protecting Your Company's Critical Assets and Information: Targeted attacks and more sophisticated email phishing techniques make it harder to detect real threats. Our solution provides detection and defense against such targeted attacks to your business.

A Flexible Solution: We can set up your various email filters, or you can have control over what gets through and what is spam. We offer the appropriate security for any size of company and network. And setting it up takes minutes.

Total Peace of Mind: You can have as much, or as little, control over the filtering of email. Knowing that all your servers, PC's and laptop are protected and there is a group of dedicated experts taking care of it for you 24/7.

Why Choose our Managed Anti-Spam Solution?

Other Anti-spam Software:

• Store and forward introduces delays in delivery of emails

• Only filters inbound emails not outbound which could cause you company to be blacklisted

• Only quarantines email on a group basis, not on and individual employee basis

• Complex and expensive licensing models

Our Managed Anti-Spam:

• No delay in email delivery, scans in real-time

• Stores received email should your email server go offline

• Applies filters to all outbound email to prevent your users from sending on malicious email

• Priced per mailbox

• Managed by experts

It's only $1/inbox per month and you can host your email ANYWHERE!