PRONETS Fiesta Day 2011 Print

At PRONETS, we work really hard to keep your technology running smoothly. We also value the importance of “Down Time”, so Labor Day weekend, we spent the last hour of the day catching up, enjoying some snacks & beating the heck out of a piñata! Enjoy the photos of your PRONETS team and consider having your own company fun time!

  • Pictured: Tonya, Joseph's left arm
  • Pictured: Forrest, Diane, Jackie, Kevin, Brandon, Tonya, Joseph, Starr
  • Pictured: Starr, Miranda, Mike S., Brandon
  • Pictured: Diane, Mike S., Kevin, Starr, Jackie, 1/4 Brandon's Backside
  • Pictured: Tony, Diane, Kevin, Mike I., Starr, Jackie
  • Pictured: Jackie, Miranda
  • Pictured: Kevin, Starr
  • Pictured: Tonya, Brian, Forrest, Diane, Brandon
  • Pictured: Tonya, Brian, Forrest