Pronets' Tuesday Tech Tip, July 23 Print
Tuesday, 23 July 2013 08:06

You are the anti-virus your computer needs.

Most of us rely on our anti-virus software to keep our information safe; however, we often turn against this software and install the virus ourselves! Of course anti-virus software is the biggest tool available to fight against the ever evolving virus threats and, regular updates to the program are incredibly necessary to keep up with those mutations. Firewalls work hard to keep these threats from even entering your network, and consistent updates are the extra bricks and mortar needed against those sneaky programs. And after all that effort, you might feel pretty safe, that is until you realize there is one last threat to take care of: YOU.

You have the ability to install the virus all by yourself, bypassing all of those anti-virus measures protecting your information. You do it when you see an email from someone you don’t know, and you open it. Sure, the subject line was tempting but inside the email was a virus, and you told the computer to access it. Making sure you have an email filter is extremely important, and slowing down to look at the sent from section is how you become an anti-virus.

That’s not the only way you can become an active player in the fight against computer viruses. Watch out when you are tempted to download an application from a website. Those toolbars and applications may have a nasty little surprise packaged into the code, and the original programmers may not even know it. Toolbars are notorious for bypassing the virus software and rarely offer enough benefits to the user to make it worth the effort. Instead, look at those checkboxes and deselect the toolbar install. Install an anti-virus application that will scan your downloads to assist you in your discernment.

Above all, pay attention. You need to know the way these viruses sneak in and the role you play in building a good defense. Fight on, my friends.