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I am continually impressed! Featured

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Bill Gilmer
190 West Spring Street, Wytheville, , Virginia,
This is just to say, I am continually impressed with the "let's get it done" attitude on the part of you and all the other employees of PRONETS. Example: Yesterday we had an issue with one of our mailing computers, the processing speed on mailing lists had dropped significantly. I called PRONETS from the road, and within an hour a technician was on-site, the problem fixed promptly - it was a "corrupt profile", nothing we could have repaired on our own, it took a real insight into how our software is configured, and where issues might arise. This kind of responsiveness is critical to our business - we need that 10,000 name merge processed in 30 minutes - if the speed slips to 90 minutes, we've missed a postal deadline. PRONETS understands this - and always responds with the same sense of urgency that we feel. It's so great doing business with folks who understand the needs of our customers, not just their own.
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