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Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), is a technology that enables you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. Voice is converted into packets of data, sent out over the Internet through a broadband connection, and reassembled at the other end of the line. BlueTalk provides an adapter box that enables its customers to make VoIP calls using a standard telephone. VoIP phone service is often called broadband phone service or digital phone service.


Pricing (12 month term on all services)

Pricing Business Monthly Residential Monthly Setup Fee
BlueTalk Unlimited $34.95 $34.95 $29.95
2nd Line Unlimited $34.95 $34.95 $29.95
500 Minutes $23.95 $18.95 $29.95
1000 Minutes $35.95 $27.95 $29.95

Other Prices:
VoIP 800 Server: 0.03 p/min.
Virtual Numbers: $4.95 per month
Number Porting: $15.00
Analog Terminal Adapter: $99.00*

*required for phone service


Standard Features Include:


1. Voice Mail
2. 411 Information Services
3. Enhanced 911 Services (where avail.)
4. Web-based Account Management
5. Caller ID
6. Caller ID Blocking

7. Call Waiting
8. Do Not Disturb
9. Call Forwarding
10. Call Forward on Busy
11. Call Forward w/ No Answer
12. Anonymous Call Rejection
13. Speed Dial
14. Call Hold
15. 3-Way Calling
16. Call Block
17. Call Return
18. Call Failover

Get the most out of BlueTalk broadband phone service.

Following is a list of some of our favorite BlueTalk uses and valuable product features:

BlueTalk Virtual Numbers

Virtual numbers are phone numbers that ring to your main BlueTalk number. You can select one or more virtual numbers in the area code(s) of your choice. Choose one in a city where a long-distance relative or friend lives and they can call you whenever they want and talk for as long as they want. It’s a local call! This includes numbers in the US, Canada AND Puerto Rico. Virtual numbers are an add-on to any BlueTalk service plan and cost just $4.95 per month per number.

BlueTalk Mobility

Traveling on business or taking an extended vacation? Take your BlueTalk service with you and avoid expensive hotel phone charges and wireless roaming fees. That’s right. Your BlueTalk device will work almost anywhere you have access to a broadband Internet connection. You can even take your service with you when you move – without having to call the phone company, change your number or incur hook up fees! All you need to do is register your new address with us for 911 dialing purposes.* Everything else stays the same.

*You can update the location online or by calling 1-888-544-7544.

Free In-Network Calls

BlueTalk customers can make an unlimited number of FREE calls to other BlueTalk customers. Do you need to talk with someone overseas? If you both sign up for BlueTalk, you can talk whenever you want, for as long as you want without incurring any costs above your normal monthly service fee. BlueTalk service can be used anywhere you have broadband Internet access with a US compatible power supply and cabling.

Add a Second Line

Customers with the BlueTalk Unlimited plan can add a second line. The second line provides an additional connection that can be used to call anywhere in the US, Puerto Rico or Canada. It makes a great fax line. You can also get two Unlimited lines for $79.95. Use the second line for your home office or a teen line.

BlueTalk Worldwide Minutes

If you make frequent International calls, check out BlueTalk’s Worldwide Minute bundles. You can add 300 Worldwide minutes to your BlueTalk plan for just $4.95 or 1000 minutes for $14.95. It’s an amazing cost savings! The minutes can be used to call 34 International destinations across Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Call us for a detailed listing of the destinations included in the plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q What is VoIP?

A VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that enables you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. Voice is converted into packets of data, sent out over the Internet through a broadband connection, and reassembled at the other end of the line. BlueTalk provides an adapter box that enables its customers to make VoIP calls using a standard telephone. VoIP phone service is often called broadband phone service or digital phone service.

Q Why should I use BlueTalk?

A BlueTalk phone services offer familiar capabilities and features, such as local and nationwide calling, call forwarding, call waiting, three-way calling, and caller ID. These features, which typically cost extra with traditional wireline telephone services, are free with BlueTalk.

BlueTalk also enables a new breed of features that provide unprecedented control and convenience. For example, you can set your preferences for features such as call forwarding and listen to voicemail online. You also have the flexibility to choose one or more virtual numbers that point to your primary number. These numbers are a great way to provide friends, family, or customers with a local number to call you.

Of course one of the driving reasons for adopting BlueTalk so is that it significantly lowers the cost of traditional phone service with affordable calling plans that feature unlimited local and domestic long distance, as well as competitive International rates.

Q What is broadband?

A Broadband is a high-speed Internet connection that operates through a cable or DSL modem. To use BlueTalk services you must have broadband. This helps ensure high-quality audio on all of your calls. Because your call is converted into data packets that travel the Internet, the faster the Internet connection, the more quickly and efficiently your call will arrive at its destination.

It is important to note that not all high-speed Internet services use broadband. As a rule of thumb, you probably have a broadband connection if you're getting speeds of 90K or better. BlueTalk does not work with AOL cable or certain versions of TiVO. We do not warrant that the service will be compatible with all broadband services.

Q How does BlueTalk broadband phone service work?

A BlueTalk provides an adapter that you plug in between your computer and cable or DSL modem. A standard telephone is also plugged into the adapter – allowing you to place and receive calls in the same way you do today. Just pick up the phone and dial the ten digit number (or International number) of the person you wish to call. They don’t need any special equipment on their end to talk to you. The BlueTalk adapter comes with an installation guide to help you through the quick set up process.

Q What do I need to use BlueTalk service?

A You need a computer with a broadband internet connection at a speed of 90K or better. One broadband internet connection is sufficient for our two-line plans as well. You’ll also need a standard telephone. When you sign up for BlueTalk service, we’ll send you an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) with instructions to guide you through the quick installation process. BlueTalk also works with some WiFi phones.

Q Can I talk on the phone and be online at the same time?

A Absolutely. BlueTalk’s proprietary nationwide network is designed to be ultra efficient. As long as you have a broadband internet connection, you can work on the computer and talk on the phone without experiencing any degradation of service.

Q Does my computer have to be turned on?

A Not if you are making calls with a phone and adaptor or special VoIP phone, but your broadband Internet connection needs to be active.

Q How do I make phone calls with BlueTalk?

A Once your adapter is installed, you simply pick up your telephone and dial. For domestic calls, you must dial the full ten digit number – with the exception of numbers you have programmed in your speed dial. It’s important to understand the BlueTalk relies on your broadband internet connection. If there is a power outage or your broadband service is interrupted for any reason, your BlueTalk service will not work.

A There are also some important differences when dialing 911 on your BlueTalk service. 911 services must be activated. Users are required to register the address of their service so that they can be located in the event of an emergency. If the physical location of your adapter is not accurate or not on record, emergency services will not be able to locate you if you are unable to speak your address or are disconnected. If you move your adapter to another location, you must call customer service at 1.800.BLUETALK.1699 or use the online account management portal at https://control.trificient.net to update the physical location on record. As noted above, 911 service may be disrupted by power outages or outages of your broadband internet service. We urge you to review the "Emergency Services - 911 Dialing" section in the BlueTalk Terms of Service agreement at www.BlueTalkcorp.net for more information about 911 Dialing.

Q Can I call anyone I want?

A Yes. You can dial any ten digit or International telephone number. BlueTalk’s Unlimited calling plans include unlimited calling across the US, including Puerto Rico, and Canada. BlueTalk Worldwide Minutes bundles include calls to 34 International destinations. Competitive International rates apply to all other locations.

Q How do I add a Virtual Number to my plan?

A You will have the option to add one or more Virtual Numbers during the sign up process.

Q Can I add a second line?

A Yes. BlueTalk offers extra savings on bundled plans that include two lines.

Q Can I keep my existing phone number?

A Many times you can switch your number to BlueTalk. We can check your number at the beginning of the sign up process to verify its portability. BlueTalk will assign a temporary phone number to the subscriber while the transfer takes place. There is a one-time fee of $15.

Q How much do extra minutes cost?

A The BlueTalk Unlimited plan includes unlimited calling across the US, Puerto Rico and Canada. Additional minutes on the BlueTalk Basic plan cost 3.9¢. Additional minutes on all other non-unlimited plans cost 2.9¢. Pricing on International minutes varies. See www.BlueTalkcorp.net for details.

BlueTalk is a product of Professional Networks, Inc. in Galax, Virginia