How Quickly Could Your Business Recover After a Disaster? Print
Friday, 07 September 2012 09:13

Disaster Recovery Assessment Reveals How Quickly Your Business Could Be Back Up and Running After A Natural Disaster, Server Crash, Virus Attack, Or Other Data-Erasing Catastrophe.

Let's face it... no one likes to think about bad things happening to them, much less planning for them –it IS one of those "important, not urgent" action items that (unfortunately) gets pushed to the back burner.

But since September is National Disaster Preparedness Month, we wanted to get you jump-started by giving you a Disaster Recovery Business Assessment (a $297 Value) – for FREE! At no charge we'll come to your office and conduct a thorough assessment to determine:

• How fast you could realistically be back up and running in the event of any natural or human disaster.

• What backup, security and business continuity systems you currently have in place and determine whether they are sufficient.

• Is all of your critical data being backed up, every day?

• What are the largest threats to the security and integrity of your critical business data?

• Do you know what steps and costs would be involved to rebuild your server and recover your data if you had to?

Since this is free, you have no good excuse not to do it now. If we don't find any problems, you'll at least have peace of mind that your data is secure and that you could recover quickly in the event of a disaster. But if we DO find a few loopholes, you'll be able to fix them BEFORE you experience an unexpected catastrophe.

To Claim Your FREE Disaster Recovery Assessment, Go To This Web Site Now:

Fair Warning: Time and staff limitations will only allow us to give away 9 free assessments on a first-come, first served basis. After those 9 are claimed, we will need to charge a small fee for this service, so call us now before you miss out!