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Tuesday, 25 February 2014 07:31

Developing Your Sales Pipeline: The Follow-Up

Last Tuesday Tech Tip we reviewed the Sales Process from Wikipedia listed as:

  1. Prospecting / initial contact
  2. Preapproach - planning the sale
  3. Approach
  4. Need assessment
  5. Presentation
  6. Meeting objections
  7. Gaining commitment
  8. Follow-up

By now you have thought thoroughly about your sales process and maybe are actively selecting the software that helps channel new customers into your sales pipeline.  The follow –up is the last piece of the process that software needs to be able to facilitate and collect.  There is still service to be performed after a sale is made, and depending on your product, you will want to factor in lead time for the client to get comfortable with their purchase and formulate their questions.

First, confirm the terms of the sale.  You may have a template crafted in your software for just such a thing.  If there is a tracking number, you can provide that to your client, or let them know that you will.  If you have the item shipped to you first, then perform additional work, let them know that you will keep them posted throughout the process – and FOLLOW UP.  Having a program that can prompt you to perform these activities is pivotal.

Additionally, you should always keep in mind that surveys are helpful to your entire team.  If you can get your client to fill out survey, often these can be analyzed to pinpoint a break in the chain of providing your exceptional service or product.  Craft the questions so they mirror your pipeline, helping the client to appraise their experience as they passed through the various stages. 

If you can, showcase their business or celebrate it.  Send a thank you gift in some way – but let them know that they are appreciated.  Have gratitude as part of your pipeline and have the software to analyze how often you do it, absorbing the costs into marketing.

Finally, you will want to have the final piece of your pipeline to get referrals.  There are various stages throughout the pipeline where asking for referrals can be inserted, but you should certainly exercise this opportunity once you have a happy client.  Being able to capture your next prospect from a satisfied customer is a huge engine to drive more prospects into the top of your pipeline.

Good luck taking care of your new business and don’t forget to give yourself the right tools to do it.  I am here and ready to help you pick those out!!