Tuesday Tech Tip, May 27, 2014 Print
Tuesday, 27 May 2014 14:55


“When you know better you do better.”

– Maya Angelou


Looking to build an educational structure into your business but don’t have the budget?  I have just the tech tip for you.

When looking to expand your company’s expertise, you need to think about what you want EVERYBODY to know as part of your culture and then review the educational requirements that will accelerate each department and role.  Build metrics around your selections.  What do you think these education incentives could help your employees do?  What are the current measurements of those activities?  How would education improve those metrics?

For example, let’s take an engineering firm.  They use AutoCAD and develop designs.  Taking courses in AutoCAD should accelerate the average turnaround of the design.  How long does it take to design a work on average?   How much time would you need to drop in order for this to be a worthwhile endeavor?

Don’t just look at the tangible items that can be measured.  What causes the company stress; areas of service which might be abstract?  Do your employees handle customer interaction well?  Do people walk away from your services and feel that they have had a favorable experience?

Once you have determined your objectives there are several government sites and organizations that will help you design courses that your employees can use to become stronger at their job.

Check out:


Two really strong sites for career development: