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managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va   managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va
managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va
managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va   managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va
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  managed service provider virginia pronets in galax, virginia va  

Don’t FIRE Your Network, HIRE PRONETS! Print E-mail
Wednesday, 28 December 2016 16:00


If you are struggling to overcome computer networking issues, PRONETS, Inc. should be on the top of your list to call. They can give you the ability to concentrate on running your business instead of worrying about the technology behind it. Over the past 18 years, PRONETS has been assisting clients of all sizes across Southwest Virginia & Northwest North Carolina with technology management. The goal is for each client to get the most out of their computer network, software applications, and web presence. PRONETS’ focus is primarily managed network support, as well as project planning and implementation (network design, cabling, server builds, equipment upgrades, etc.). Using a combination of onsite and remote support their capable technicians are able to identify problem areas and resolve them in a timely and cost effective manner.  PRONETS has partnered successfully with many multinational companies to provide solution based customer care and support. Networking client testimonials are available at

The Web Department at PRONETS has also created & hosted hundreds of successful websites through the years. They offer custom web development, hosting and email solutions along with in-depth search engine optimization services. Web client testimonials can be found here:

Regardless of your technology needs, PRONETS can provide the support you have been looking for at an affordable price. Don’t hesitate to call them (even if it is just for some sound technology advice) at 276-236-8226.

Tuesday Tech Tip, August 12, 2014 Print E-mail
Tuesday, 12 August 2014 14:50

What’s with  Wattage

Using a UPS is extremely important for the lifespan of your computer.  The Uninterruptable Power Supply works as a power conditioner between the outlet on your wall and your computer.  If your power should spike it takes the brunt of the spike and keeps the energy to your computer nice and even.  It stores energy in its battery and should you lose power, it will supply the computer with several minutes of power so that you may save, close, and power down confidently. 

Wikipedia defines the usage of a UPS as:

The primary role of any UPS is to provide short-term power when the input power source fails. However, most UPS units are also capable in varying degrees of correcting common utility power problems:

  • Voltage spike or sustained overvoltage
  • Momentary or sustained reduction in input voltage
  • Noise, defined as a high frequency transient or oscillation, usually injected into the line by nearby equipment
  • Instability of the mains frequency
  • Harmonic distortion: defined as a departure from the ideal sinusoidal waveform expected on the line

Selecting the UPS for your equipment depends on several factors, the chief of which is what will be plugged into it?  If you have several devices plugged into the UPS then you will want to select a wattage size that can accommodate those appliances.   Get a tech involved to help you select the right component!  The technicians at Pronets are more than happy to help!


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